Seasons in Mongolia

Mongolian horses have been aptly described to me as “half-wild.” Despite their undersized stature in comparison to their Western counterparts, lifetimes of grazing, running, and playing with the herd have left their spirits uninhibited and whole—gruff and abrasive in both texture and personality.

Inhabiting the same wild space as their horses, the Mongolian and Kazakh herders I lived with reflected on the difficulties that come with managing a herd. But they also regularly spoke of the freedom their lifestyle affords and the pride it instills in them. As I traveled throughout the countryside, I tried to capture moments of pride and showcase everyday occurrences and interactions as they exist within traditional herding culture.

Time passes seasonally for Mongolian herders as they live alongside their animals. Thoroughly capturing life in the Mongolian countryside takes time, the passing of seasons, and a willingness to slow down and wait.