Mongol Music Archive is a culmination of the work Dimitri started during the Spring of 2013. Returning to Mongolia for nine months on a Fulbright-mtvU Scholarship, he traveled extensively throughout the Mongolian countryside collecting content for this growing archive.

The goal of Mongol Music Archive is to capture everyday uses of traditional music in the daily lives of Mongolian herders. As a general shift from nomadic to industrial and urban lifestyles occurs in Mongolia, it is important to capture these moments and performances. While traditional music will remain part of Mongolian culture with or without nomadic herding, these performances exhibit something that staged performances by professional musicians cannot. This project aims to preserve a specific aspect of Mongolian music to serve the tradition as a whole.


Young Mongols

A ten-part videos series updating foreign perceptions of Mongolia. Dimitri worked as the series' primary videographer recording over thirty interviews and b-roll for eight of the ten episodes.

Episodes ranged from highlighting the LGBTQ+ community in Ulaanbaatar to the city's growing fitness scene.

YUGEN - Save the Sunlight

"Save The Sunlight" began in the various bedrooms of YUGEN during the summer of 2013. The album was spawned from various electronic tracks, film scores, boom-bap skeletal structures and daydreamed ideas.

Dimitri served as a producer and the primary recording and mixing engineer for YUGEN's first full-length album.

Aerial Attack - Aerial Attack EP

Recorded at Dockside Studios in Maurice, Louisiana, Aerial Attack's self-titled EP is rock-and-roll to its core. Heavy drums and catchy guitar lines come together to make you feel like you're back watching a show in your friend's garage in the best way possible. "Childhood" stands out as the EP's climax.

Dimitri served as the band's producer, recording, and mixing engineer.